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2 Month Whirlwind

Whew! The last two months have been a whirlwind! We have met so many great people that visited our park, from Coast to Coast and in between. The clubs have been so warm and kind to all of us!

We have accomplished a lot in the short time we have been here. We have updated the internet, so now every guest can take advantage of our high speed WiFi. We have remodeled a cabin and added two brand new comfy mattresses to it. We have added some fresh paint to the picnic tables and to the swing overlooking the pond. Both clubhouses and the Big Oak Lodge now have DirecTV service for our guests to enjoy. There are two new residents here, Fred and Ethel Mallard. They are fun to watch, they just swim around and love the pond. 

Spring seems to have finally arrived, as the trees are budding and some of the beautiful Hummingbirds have arrived. We are really happy to be warm again, it was a shock to us at how cold Missouri can be! I guess we now know what to expect in the winter time, we will be ordering some insulated coveralls for sure.

We are very excited for the upcoming summer months and all that we will experience. So far, everyone loves our little piece of Missouri, even the cat is having a blast!



We Bought an RV Park!

Hello! This is Chelsi, my husband is Jeremiah, and we bought Arrowhead Point RV Park! We are both from New Mexico, so Missouri is a whole new world to us! 

We come from Farmington, NM, near the 4 Corners, where NM, AZ, UT and CO all meet. We met in 2005, got married in 2006, and have 2 boys, ages 8 and 6. Owning an RV Park is a dream that we have talked about for several years and we are blessed with an opportunity to make it come true! 

We look forward to the adventures that are to come, and to meeting all the great people that we hope will come stay with us!

Until next time,





Aawww! Come on! Let us hear from you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This has been an awesome year for Arrowhead Point RV Park.  A "BIG THANK YOU" to each one of you who have chosen to spend time with us.

An update on the Big Oak Lodge........ Since we finished the inside of the Lodge, we have had several family groups, seven people from MN in for the races at Lucas Oil Speedway, several groups of deer hunters, a south Louisiana couple turkey hunting, plus four men from Texas here to work on a railroad.  Long story - short, the Lodge has accommodations to fit your needs.  Most have reserved again for next year!  Yea!  We do appreciate your business!

Tell us what you think!




Arrowhead Point is offering a "SPECIAL" on the Copper Cabin, One Star Hotel, and Big Oak Lodge rentals for August 1 & 2 and August 8 & 9, 2014.  With a minimum two-night stay, Friday night will be regular price and Saturday night will be 1/2 PRICE!!!!!


The 5th Annual USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout will be held at LUCAS OIL on August 9.

CHECK US OUT!  Make your reservations early!  Come enjoy the peace and quiet of Arrowhead Point RV Park then go to LUCAS OIL SPEEDWAY and get REVVED UP!

Park Reviews

  • Keith and Carolyn Jeffers         Oct.21,2012

What a pleasure to stay at your beautiful park with all of the Elder Birds from around the area!!!  Your hospitality is superb and we always appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2013.


Everyone at the rally had the highest praises for your campground and attention you both paid to every detail to make our week great.  I would highly recommend Arrowhead Point to any group looking for a rally location.  Linda added our photos to the SOITC facebook page.

  • Donald & Linda Richardson       On The Lam Sams          November 3, 2012

We want to thank you for all you did to help us have a great campout.  We have grown accustomed to your unequaled hospitality over the years.  That is one of the reasons your campground is the favorite for most of the people in our club.  All but two member rigs were there.

  • Debora Brooks                                                            2012

Tom and I enjoyed our stay at Arrowhead Point and enjoyed meeting you both.  Tonight we are staying in an RV park on Highway 54 near El Dorado, Kansas.

  • Ronald Hickam                 Elder Birds                       November 11, 2012

Arrowhead Point RV Park was the first place Pat and I went camping with the Elder Birds.  We enjoyed it then and have every time since.  It is one of the best camp grounds we go to. That is the main reason we camped there three times this year and plan to do the same in 2013.  You make us feel like family coming for a visit on a holiday.

These comments came as e-mails before the new website was built.  Please use this blog as a way to let us know what you think about Arrowhead Point RV Park. 

Thanks, Bill and Ann Carpenter

We had several inches of snow here at Arrowhead Point RV Park.  It was beautiful and provided lots of opportunity for grandchildren to go sledding.  The only problem was they thought sledding could continue even in the dark.  Ha!  They never get tired!

Loved the cold weather and the snow but we welcome the prospect of warm weather.  It is time to get together again with old friends and meet new friends.  Cannot wait to see you.

Arrowhead Point RV Park - Happy Campers Welcome!